Arts Fité is the online art gallery offering the opportunity to visit exhibitions of artists today. You can buy original art paintings of various styles, oil paintings, watercolors and lithographs in different categories: landscape paintings, marine paintings, still lifes, flower paintings, abstract art and contemporary art.
All works of art for sale in Arts Fité are unique and exclusive works of art, made and signed by the authors and with the guarantee and security that we have always offered our customers the original art collectors.



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  • Angela Icart
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  • Sugrañes
  • Agustin Pardo Villodre
  • Roser Vinardell
  • Angela Icart
  • Clapés Vila
  • Jesús Cabañas
  • Anne Balas
  • Ricardo Solé Gonzalez
  • M.J. Filella Muset
  • Carme Muset
  • Modest Cuixart
  • Josep Mas Pou
  • Joan Sallent Tatjer
  • J.M. Subirachs
  • Jaume Icart Sampere
  • Anna Alegre
  • Manel Canales
  • Marisa Carrió
  • Joan Vila Arimany
  • Raul
  • Daniel Voramar
  • Albert Carnicé
  • Lourdes Mojica
  • Luca Monzani
  • Rozas Vilar
  • Mark Rios
  • Agusti Viladesau
  • Joaquí­n Torres & R. Llamazares


    Oil paintings  Sugrañes  Sugrañes Access Exposure paintings 
    Diversity issues in the realistic landscape, paintings online 

    Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares  Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares Access Exposure paintings 
    Original artwork created by architects Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares 

    Oil Paintings Landscapes  Pardo  Agustín  Pardo Access Exposure paintings 
    Spectacular landscapes and marine paintings by A. Pardo 

    Abstract Paintings  Angela Icart  Angela Icart Access Exposure paintings 
    Angela Icart, the awakening of the senses through the abstract painting.  

    paintings by Viladesau  Agusti Viladesau Access Exposure paintings 
    Viladesau, were pleasantly surprised by its original, bold and unprejudiced work. 

    Original paintings  Mark Rios  Mark Rios Access Exposure paintings 
    Original paintings by artist Mark Rios, conducted by artistic technique Dripping 

     Oil paintings  Roser Vinardell  Roser  Vinardell Access Exposure paintings 
    Sensitivity and expertise in his paintings of female figure 

     landscape paintings  Joan  Burrull Access Exposure paintings 
    Landscape paintings by Joan Burrull, excellent choice to invest in original art. 

     Paintings Clapés Vila  Clapés Vila Access Exposure paintings 
    Original artwork of artist Clapés Vila.  

    Original Paintings Jesús Cabañas  Jesús Cabañas Access Exposure paintings 
    Original paintings of Jesús Cabañas.  

    Abstract Paintings  Angela Icart  Anne Balas Access Exposure paintings 
    Impressionistic colors and Fresh brushstrokes are some features you can highlight the great work of this artist.  

    Landscape Paintings  Solé Gonzalez  Solé Gonzalez Access Exposure paintings 
    The beauty of the landscape through oil painting  

    Oil paintings  Filella muset  Mª J. Filella Muset Access Exposure paintings 
    Exhibition oil paintings of this great artist 

    Oil paintings Carme Muset  C. Muset Access Exposure paintings 
    Works of art of this great master of modern painting 

     Lithographs Cuixart  Modest  Cuixart Access Exposure paintings 
    Cuixart collection of lithographs signed and numbered 

     Realistic Paintings Jordi Alba  Sol  Punsola Access Exposure paintings 
    Punsola shows us a vision very particular and personal of the world through his work. 

     Oil painting   Mas Pou  Mas  Pou Access Exposure paintings 
    The chance to buy paintings online of this great artist 

     Landscape paintings  Sallent  Joan  Sallent Access Exposure paintings 
    Oil paintings made exclusively with spatula 

     Lithographs  Subirachs  J.M. Subirachs Access Exposure paintings 
    Subirachs work. Lithograph signed and numbered 

     Oil paintings  J. Icart Access Exposure paintings 
    Original paintings by J. Icart

    Landscape oil paintings   I. Pou  I. Pou Access Exposure paintings 
    Our art gallery offers the work of this artist 

    Modern art of Anna Alegre  Anna Alegre Access Exposure paintings 
    Anna Alegre captivates us with its modern contemporary art paintings

    Watercolors   Canales  Manel  Canales Access Exposure paintings 
    Collection of realistic watercolors 

    Modern art by Marisa Carrió  Marisa  Carrió Access Exposure paintings 
     Modern paintings by Marisa Carrio done on handmade paper 

    Modern Painting Landscapes R. Vilar  Rozas  Vilar Access Exposure paintings 
    Fresh and spontaneous brushwork in his paintings of landscapes

     landscape Paintings Vila Arimany  Vila  Arimany Access Exposure paintings 
    Original paintings by Joan Vila Arimany

     Still lifes Raul  Raul Access Exposure paintings 
    Realistic still lifes of artist Raul Martinez (1933 -2006) 

    Modern painting Voramar Daniel  Voramar Access Exposure paintings 
    Voramar offers a modern and very personal painting 

    Paintings of flowers Glòria Segalà  Glòria  Segalà Access Exposure paintings 
    His paintings of flowers elevate our mood 

    painings by carnice    Albert  Carnicé      Access Exposure paintings 
      Impressive is the expression that we can use to describe the work of this great artist.

     Modern painting Lourdes Mojica  Lourdes  Mojica Access Exposure paintings 
    Freedom in the brushstroke and color of his modern paintings 

    Lithographs Luca Monzani  Luca  Monzani Access Exposure Luca Monzani

    Lithographs by luca Monzani

    Small size  paintings  Art Works Small Size Access Exposure paintings 
    Original paintings in small format


              Arts Fité: Online Art Gallery  specialists in the sale of art online.

    All works of art are presented in this page, can be seen physically in our stores in Sabadell (Barcelona). More information in  About Us.

    Visit us, we will be happy to put at your service our more than 40 years of experience in the sale of art.